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HQC is a professional andindependent goods inspection company with headquarters located in Guangzhou.Adhering to the service principle of justice, profession, science, preciseness,efficiency and good quality, we are to provide transnational purchasers, exporttrade companies and domestic enterprises with such services as professionalthird-party inspection, factory evaluation, inspection of container storage andconsulting of enterprise quality management, enabling customers to master thereal condition of factory and transit instructions to factory timely so as toensure punctual delivery with best quality, and getting rid of any unnecessarytroubles for you. We are a sensitive, flexible and professional team driven bycustomers’ needs and dedicated in customers’ success, where the each inspectorshould receive the training of at least 100 hours. HQC is able to customize anoverall quality control program for you to ensure your commitment on products,helping you stand o.....[More]

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